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Please Read Carefully!

Rules Overview

Note: Ensure you're well-versed with our guidelines. Non-compliance will have consequences regardless of one's status or affiliation.

  1. Adherence to Rules: Radix mandates unwavering obedience to the rules. One's rank or association doesn't grant immunity from punitive measures.
  2. Awareness: Your obligation is to stay informed about the rules. Ignorance may result in sanctions.
  3. Updates: Rules might undergo periodic revisions. Any changes will be communicated.
  4. Punishments: Specific penalties are not listed, as these will be determined by the staff based on factors such as the nature and frequency of the violation, as well as past records.

Behavioral Standards

  1. Respect for Staff: All Radix staff deserve respect. Abusive behaviors are unacceptable and will result in actions.

    • This pertains to all staff roles, not only administrators.
  2. Identity Impersonation: Do not masquerade as staff or claim unheld authority.

    • Impersonations can lead to misleading information or unauthorized advantages.
  3. Information Integrity: Spreading falsehoods or rumors is strictly prohibited.

    • This encompasses misinformation about Radix and its associated projects. Direct inquiries or concerns to the administration.
    • Encouraging members to leave Radix or sharing derogatory remarks on other platforms is prohibited.
  4. Conduct: While some banter is permitted in competitive settings, unwarranted hostility will be checked.

    • Passionate gameplay can get intense, but remain considerate of fellow players.

Technical Aspects

  1. Bypassing Restrictions: Any attempts to circumvent PC or IP restrictions are strictly off-limits.

    • These limits ensure fair gameplay. Bypassing can lead to loss of progress and other consequences.
  2. Bug Abuse: Exploiting bugs instead of reporting is strictly forbidden and will result in dire consequences.

    • Abusing bugs reflects negatively on player's capabilities. Consider the repercussions before indulging.
  3. No Advertisements: Mentioning or advertising other servers in any form on Radix platforms is prohibited.

    • Avoid drawing comparisons between Radix and other servers. Constructive suggestions for Radix improvements are welcome.
  4. Fair Play: Creating undue advantages in events or activities by teaming up is not allowed.

    • This pertains to all types of events on Radix.
  5. Event Manipulation: Altering event outcomes using alternative accounts is disallowed.

    • Includes unfair practices like seeking external help to gain an advantage.
  6. Outside Assistance: Gaining advantages via external buffs or invincible characters is not permitted.

    • Fair play is the cornerstone of Radix.
  7. Spying: Tracking or revealing locations of players or groups without permission is prohibited.

    • Incidents must be supported with evidence for action to be taken.

Account & Security

  1. Account Safety: Your account's security is your prerogative. Radix provides all necessary tools for the same.

    • Ensure unique and strong credentials. Radix staff will never ask for your login details.
  2. Item Restoration: Radix won't replace items lost due to negligence, hacks, or scams.

    • Carelessness can lead to irreversible losses. Always double-check actions.

Social Guidelines

  1. Respect and Sensitivity: Avoid racial or religious insults and debates. They're offensive and not tolerated.

    • This applies across all Radix channels.
  2. Event Organization: Only Radix staff are permitted to organize events. Unauthorized or fake events can lead to punitive actions.

    • Engaging in unauthorized events might result in penalties. Exercise caution.
  3. Refund Policy: 

    All donations or coin purchases in are voluntary and not required to play the game.

    All sales are final and Non-Refundable once the purchase is made.

    By purchasing virtual currency on our website and third party billing providers or resellers, you agree to this policy.